Mojito Tea

The FLIK Dietitian's Summertime Sips

Staying hydrated in the summer’s heat is important, but if you’re getting tired of filling your water bottle with, well… just water – we’re here to help! We asked our Wellness Team what they’re drinking this summer, whether at work, post workout, at the beach or during happy hour. (Psst… Our dietitians are good at multi-tasking, so many of these summer sips tag-team both beach and bar time). 

Water… But Better

“Drink more water” is a common phrase in the summer. So is, “water is boring”. Change up your water routine with these three swaps:

Flavored Seltzer

Beverage companies are stepping up their flavored water game, especially in the carbonated category. Brands like AHA, Bubly, La Croix, Hint, Polar, and Spindrift all make sparkling waters with no added sugar, flavored with real fruit, and ever-changing options. Feeling adventurous? You can make your own carbonated water with at-home countertop devices like Fizzi and Aarke.

Iced Tea

Sun Tea

Save on the calories and plastic by making your own unsweetened tea… which is basically infused water. Try making Sun Tea if it’s too hot to turn on the kettle. Add water and tea bags to a clear glass or plastic pitcher—the more tea bags, the stronger the flavor—and place in direct sunlight for a few hours. Chill in the refrigerator and enjoy over ice. We like the high quality leaves and flavor varieties from the Teavana line.

Infused Water

Think outside the squeeze-of-lemon box with these unique flavor-enhancing recommendations: jalapeno-cilantro-lime, grapefruit-rosemary, and strawberry-basil. Our sustainability-minded dietitians also recommend getting a second use from your pineapple and melon peels. Thoroughly wash whole fruit before peeling and add the peels to a pitcher full of water. It works just as well as the fruit’s flesh!

Don't Forget the Kids

There’s nothing quite so refreshing as a fruity, ice-cold lemonade on a hot day. Skip the sugary powders and premade liters and make your own. Blend together 1 cup cubed watermelon, 1 sprig of mint, the juice of 1 lemon, and lots of ice. Fresh out of the blender this refreshing slushy is an easy way for the whole family to beat the summer heat. Add coconut water for an island-inspired tropical lemonade. For a spicy take, wet the rim of your glass and dip into tajin spice blend before pouring your beverage.

Don’t let milk go under the radar. Milk is a great source of protein for kids, especially on busy summer days when they may not be eating full meals and are at risk for dehydration.

Sip This, Not That

No matter how busy our FLIK dietitians find themselves, they always make time for happy hour. These refreshing recommendations are perfect for sipping after hours, on a sunset cruise, by the beach, or poolside. In true wellness fashion, all include fresh fruit or extra water to help counteract the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

Vodka Soda Variation

Choose an infused vodka, like Kettle One’s Botanical Vodka Cucumber & Mint, add lots of fresh lime (key word: fresh), a cucumber spear, ice, and top it off with Topo Chico water. On the flip side, you could start with a plain vodka and add naturally flavored sparkling water or True Lime Black Cherry Limeade drink mix.

Mojito Makeover


Try FLIK’s homemade recipe we promise you won’t regret it… until you run out. The key ingredients are fresh lime and mint. Kick this non-alcoholic drink up a notch with rum, vodka, or tequila.

Mojito Mocktail

Whatever you do, make enough so you don't run out! The key ingredients are fresh lime and mint. To kick it up a notch, add rum, vodka, or tequila. 

Makes 4 servings


1 cup sliced cucumber
2 ounces fresh mint, or more to taste
1 lime, more for garnish
3 cups sparkling water


For each beverage, muddle 1/4 cup cucumber, 4-6 sprigs fresh mint, and 1/4 lime in a tall glass. Add 3/4 cup sparkling water. Garnish with extra mint and lime. 

CHEF NOTE: Change the flavor by swapping in another fresh herb (like basil) or different citrus (lemon, grapefruit, etc.). 

RD NOTE: We've kept the flavor profile of this refreshing beverage intact while keeping the calories low. Add 1-1/2 fl oz rum will add approx. 100 calories. 

Nutrition per serving: 10 calories, 0 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 4 mg sodium, 3 carbs, 0 g fiber, <1 g sugar, 0.5 g protein

Muddling Madness

Your herb garden can spruce up more than just dinner! Every home bartender should have a muddler to level up their cocktail game. Here are some of our favorite combinations:

  • Muddled rosemary + gin + club soda + splash of fresh grapefruit juice
  • Muddled strawberry and fresh basil + vodka + club soda

Oldie, but Goodie

We’re bringing back the white wine spritzer. We like to think of it as retro chic. Adding club soda to our wine lets us hydrate better and hang longer.  


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