Hey neighbor!

Just as we carefully develop our menus in the kitchen, we create ever-deepening roots in the community. We highly value our partnerships with local food producers, purveyors and other small business proprietors who add so much character and flavor to our business, and yours. We buy local whenever possible. We encourage a dialogue with our neighbors. We know that when the community is strengthened, the individuals who live and work there thrive.

Local by FLIK


It’s what everyone wants to know.

“What’s the origin of our food?” Today, more than ever, that’s a critical, top-of-mind question. Local by FLIK is our commitment to honor and celebrate the local colors and the produce of the season. The fresh harvest from Spring to Fall is a daily highlight of our food selections. We always give our local providers a shout out on our menus and we invite family farmers into our business as often as possible. It all meshes with and supports our goal of absolute authenticity and sustainability.

Our old-fashioned commitment to creating and contributing to our community reaps spiritual and financial rewards for everyone. In a world where the pace is fast, interactions are often anonymous and people are starved for a sense of community, more than ever we feel a responsibility and a desire to create opportunities for people to come together.