we are image makers

It’s the small things.

We shine the light on your business through our celebrated food, and seamless service. We are all about real food and genuine people.

We partner with forward-thinking clients, to provide every imaginable corporate dining experience, however, we recognize the value of thinking small. Every little detail is thoughtfully addressed...every ingredient is selected for freshness, healthfulness and sustainability...and every caring human interaction makes a meaningful difference to the people we are entrusted with nourishing. Our relationships are always living and evolving. We keep an open dialogue, which brings out the best in each other.

As part of Compass Group, with its worldwide presence and global resources, we offer the benefits of our unique expertise and unsurpassed experience. At the same time, we pride ourselves on having a more intimate feel of a regional company. Simply put, FLIK Hospitality Group takes a small batch approach to serving the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our ethos to l.o.v.e.


Our ethos to L.O.V.E. (Live Our Values Extraordinarily) keeps us focused on what matters most. It all adds up to more than a meal, but rather a communal dining experience orchestrated by a talented, invested group of FLIK associates who bring genuine caring and extraordinary food to the table every day.

our divisions

At FLIK, it’s all about areas of expertise. We are proud to be comprised of an exceptional group of sister businesses that have all distinguished themselves in their respective niches. Our portfolio Includes:

Conference Centers and Hotels
Premium Airport Lounges
Law Firms
Sports and Entertainment
Audio Visual

And includes our separate division focusing on:
School Dining - FLIK independent School Dining


our history

It started with a Flik.

At FLIK, our ground-breaking history starts with Rudiger Flik. An exceptional visionary and innovator who started it all in 1971, Rudiger remains a vital, inspired, ambassador here at FLIK. Born and trained in Germany, he brought his passion, intelligence and tenacity to the states as a young chef and exponentially elevated the standards of the hospitality industry. His integrity and reverence for the art of food and sincere respect for every individual he has had the honor of nourishing--body and soul--has informed and inspired everything that we do.

The beginning

Rudiger Flik leaves Germany as a chef’s apprentice and brings his considerable skills to the U.S.


Rudiger and Julie Flik started with a promise of providing the highest standards for food quality, service and people in the hospitality industry.


FLIK joined Compass Group

Present day

Currently, we are one of the most recognized hospitality organizations with over 400 locations operating in 35 states with nearly 9,000 associates.