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National Nutrition Month: Meet the RDs, Part 3

Wellness Wednesday is back, which means it’s time to meet more of the women on FLIK’s Wellness Team. We hope you enjoy these introductions in honor of National Nutrition Month and Women’s History Month.

Shaina Gross, MS, RDN
- Tennessee / Georgia Line
3A  Shaina

First Job: hostess/food runner at a locally owned restaurant

Favorite FLIK Dish: Edamame Hummus

Wellness Tip: You don't have to eat perfectly every day to be healthy, it is what you eat consistently, over time that has the biggest impact on your health. Each day is a new opportunity to prioritize your health and well-being.

Working Woman Tip: While we are all walking down different paths as working women, we are all most likely struggling with similar issues: worry about the future, feeling inadequate, exhaustion, just to name a few. We must never underestimate the power that simply speaking a kind word of support or encouragement to one another can have. It can make all the difference.

Sydney Micucci, MS, RD, LDN
- Baltimore / DC Metro
3B  Sydney

Favorite FLIK Dish: The Ethiopian Plate... Homemade Injera, Braised Collard Greens, Spicy Lentil Salad, Spiced Cabbage and Potatoes. Oooof! I'm salivating.

Wellness Tip: Outlook shift. Think of the body as a system, instead of parts. Think of patterns and collective behaviors, instead of passing choices. Viewing physical, mental, and spiritual wellness through a holistic lens allows for deeper understanding of the synergy between them. It validates the complexities that contribute to personal health and makes space for discovering the right 'dose' for optimization.

Working Woman Tip: Confidence is power. It is an understated but infectiously attractive attribute. Let it imbue your work and professional relationships. Self-doubt will inhibit self-actualization.

Olivia Bubri, MS, RDN, LD
- Atlanta, GA
3C  Olivia

First Job: Starbucks Barista 

Favorite FLIK Dish: Of course I’m picking dessert – Flourless Chocolate Brownie Cookies!

Wellness Tip: Wellness is so much more than the food you eat – for me, it’s all about balance. I stay well by making sure I’m doing at least one thing for myself each day – whether that is getting outside for some movement, enjoying a cup of strong coffee in the early morning, or catching up with a good friend on the phone. Never underestimate the power of small joys!

Working Woman Tip: Getting clear on your values is a game changer not only in life, but your work life, too! While it does take some time, identifying your top values will allow you to bring your most authentic self to work each day, leading to greater job satisfaction overall.

Come back each week to meet more of the women on FLIK’s Wellness Team.

What is an RD / RDN? Registered Dietitian / Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

All members of FLIK's wellness team are RDs! This credential requires meeting specific undergraduate requirements, completing a 1,200 hour internship, passing a credentialing exam, and maintaining continuing education standards. You can trust the wellness and nutrition information you're getting from FLIK RDs is accurate and evidence-based.


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