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Battling Dinner Boredom

The age of social distancing started over a year ago.

Social feeds were taken over by sourdough starters and whipped dalgona coffees. We gave you 30 meals to make in 30 days, and then 30 more meals; we ordered in to support local restaurants.

And a few hundred days later, we’re still pretty distant and kitchen fatigue has fully taken over. To help defeat the kitchen boredom busters, we’ve put together a few hacks that can help you break out of your culinary rut.

Think about Meal Prep

Mapping out your meals is not only an excellent way to break up the kitchen boredom, but also a wonderful way to reduce waste at home. Take a simple chicken for example. Roast a whole chicken on night one, but don’t discard the bones! Use the bones to make a chicken stock, perfect for Chicken, Quinoa, Vegetable Soup and use any leftover roasted chicken on top of a salad like our Chicken Caesar Freekeh Salad.  

What’s in a Meal?

For many, a meal often means cooking with lots of pots and pans, but it really doesn’t have to be. Preparing a nutritionally balanced meal can be much less complicated than a whole roast, starches, and a vegetable. Some ideas to consider:

Search Social Media

If you’re in need of dinner inspiration and your favorite blogs/foodie websites aren’t cutting it, search social! Use hashtag searches on Instagram for specific ingredients to uncover new and creative ways to cook them at home. We won’t say #FLIKatHome is one of our favorite hashtags, but we defiantly recommend giving it a look at. 


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