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5 Instagram Accounts to Freshen Up Your Feed - Meet the FLIK accounts

When it comes to social media, we really believe Instagram was created for foodies. 

With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram really racks up the numbers. Over 40 billion photos have been shared on the platform and on a daily basis, nearly 80 million photos are shared and about 3.5 billion "likes" are generated. 

We know there's no shortage of creative, colorful, and outright delicious accounts to follow! And that's why our regions and cafe units take pride in posting on their individual accounts. To help you cut through the noise, we've put together a list of our regional FLIK Instagram accounts you need to be following! 

And don't forget to follow @flikhospitality for food and FLIK family photos across all our divisions and regions! Share you FLIK photos too by using the hashtag: #FoodByFLIK in your photos. 

1. @flikcoast2coast is a great example of some of our work with corporate clients who have a national footprint

2. If you're hungry and want to be inspired by artfully plated food @fliknyc is a must-follow account

3. Ever wonder how our sports nutrition team is serving wellness to our star NFL teams? Follow @flikathletics for an inside view 

4. @flikdcmetro is all about celebrating seasonality 

5. And what would @fliknewengland be without lots and lots of LOBSTAH rolls!