Food Waste Warrior

Take the Pledge, Stop Food Waste

We’re in the midst of a global food waste epidemic.

Globally, over 1.3 billion tons of food is thrown away or wasted in the supply chain; an estimated 40% of that food waste comes from the United States of America alone.  

April 27th is Stop Food Waste Day and we’ve taken a pledge to stop food waste.

  • 5 Questions with Scott Davis – Sustainability is a priority in our company and one of our core values. Hear about how we make food waste a priority directly from FLIK Hospitality’s CEO, Scott Davis.

As a company, we have taken a stance to reduce our foodprint in every corporate café we manage, while working tirelessly to educate consumers on the importance of protecting our environment. Through impactful and creative campaigns, we can educate the consumers on how we store, farm, produce, and buy our food. 

Food Waste Global Map

Looking to reduce your food waste at home? Here are a few simple tips you can implement today to make an impact:

  • Waste Not, Want Not – Check out a few quick tips from FLIK Hospitality’s culinary team on how to take advantage of commonly wasted vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, celery, and fresh herbs.
  • Make a Meal Plan – Check the pantry and refrigerator as you meal prep for the week. Use the items you already have in the refrigerator instead and take them into consideration before you go grocery shopping.
  • Stick to a Grocery List – Plan ahead and make a grocery list for your weekly shopping needs. By sticking to only ingredients on the list, you can reduce the temptation to throw away what you overbought.
  • Get the Dirt on Composting – We’ve laid out a few quick tips and tricks for starting your own at-home compost center! This is a great way to
  • Embrace the Art of Freezing – Freeze leftovers, bread, vegetables, and fruit to slow down the decomposition process and avoid having to throw away food.
  • Revive Wilted Vegetables – Did you know that soaking wilted vegetables in an ice bath for 5-10 minutes can revive them? Even if they can’t be restored to their full freshness, they’ll still be useable in cooked dishes. 

Take the pledge today and join the Stop Food Waste Day movement!  

Food Waste Pledge


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