Lemongrass Shrimp

Shrimp’s big appeal

By Tara Fitzpatrick 

Shrimp and grits
University of Richmond
This classic Southern coastal dish (pictured above) is served as an entrée at Bruce’s, a Southern food concept at the Richmond’s Heilman Dining Center. “This is a great dish for this time of year,” says Tyler Betzhold, CEC, executive chef. “It warms the stomach during these cold days while remaining refreshing and not so heavy.” The flavor is buttery, but the overall effect is light as a summer breeze.

Lemon grass shrimp
Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia
Shrimp was an MVP during the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl-winning season. Jason Buniak, senior chef manager with Flik Hospitality group for the Philadelphia Eagles, serves shrimp a few times a week to the team and staff members, because it’s quick and easy to cook, and always a big hit. Bright Asian flavors come through in this vibrant dish.

Lemongrass Shrimp

Bucatini carbonara with smoked shrimp
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
The addition of silky egg yolk to carbonara makes it feel super luxurious, so it fits in well at Moreton Fig, USC’s upscale and modern campus restaurant. For bucatini carbonara with smoked shrimp, the yolk is slow cooked and “the smoked shrimp is a great addition,” says Eric Ernest, executive chef. The bucatini, with its hollow shape, soaks up the rich sauce and adds interest to the dish.

*Originally appeared on Food Management on March 9, 2018.