Drink More Water

New Year's Resolutions That Will Actually Stick

Well, the New Year is here and for many that means it’s time for our ambitious New Year’s resolutions to fall by the wayside. Too often the resolutions we make are vague, making it hard to monitor achievements. This year adopt healthy New Year’s resolutions that will actually stick by adding healthy habits instead of giving something up!

Drink more water

Water is the most important nutrient in your day. Staying hydrated is important for your cognitive and physical performance. Being properly hydrated will make you feel more alert and awake throughout your day. Since your blood is about 90% water, it is a crucial part of making sure that oxygen reaches different parts of the body so you can stay energized throughout the day.

Tips that Work:

  • How long is your car ride to work? Try drinking at least one water bottle (16 ounces) of water before you get there.
  • Purchase a reusable water bottle. Having your own personal water bottle with you all day will remind you to drink up.
  • Flavor your water with fresh fruit.

Share meals with others

Something as easy as sharing mealtime with someone can make a big difference! Practicing mindfulness at mealtime is important; it contributes to weight management and healthy eating habits.

Tips that work:

  • Avoid eating at your desk. Eat in your office café or sit with co-workers while enjoying your meal.
  • Plan to eat dinner with family. This will give you some time to catch up on your day and share the food you’ve prepared.
  • Talking about food and exploring new options can lead to incorporating more healthy habits that you enjoy.

Take the focus off of your weight and focus on your mood


Weight is not the only indicator of your well being. Nourishing yourself with the right nutrients so that your entire body can operate smoothly is more important than the number on the scale. Focus on eating patterns and specific foods that are best for your mood and your mindset so that you can conquer 2019!

Tips that work:

  • Load up on omega-3s! These healthy fats are great for boosting your mood and can be found in fatty fish, walnuts, and leafy green veggies.
  • Eat more consistently and don’t skip meals. You’ll avoid that sluggish feeling and feel energized throughout the day.
  • Choose a rainbow of colors. Different colors contains different nutrients, so choosing a wide variety can help ensure adequate intake of all your vitamins and minerals. 

Cook more often


It is a rewarding experience to cook for yourself and your loved ones. The more time you spend in the kitchen learning about different ingredients and foods, the more you will learn about their health benefits. Cooking can also help you appreciate the food you eat and where it comes from. This will make you more thankful for the food you eat and help motivate your healthy lifestyle choices throughout the New Year! Check the recipes on the FLIK Blog for inspiration. Tips that work:

  • Meal prep. By making meals in advance you won’t have to prepare meals and cook every day. This can help you to save time during a busy week!
  • Learning how to prepare a few dishes that you really enjoy can encourage you to cook them more often.
  • Cook with others. Cooking or baking can be used as time to spend with friends and family while also preparing healthy dishes.


Written by Sydney Barrera, Dietetic Intern

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