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Is Moringa the new Matcha?

Last month we celebrated the Functional Foods from Central and South America and you may remember us touching upon moringa, an edible leaf that is unusually high in protein. These leaves come from the “miracle tree” according to various sources and typically grow in tropical regions like Central America, parts of India, and Nepal.

Ground into a green powder, just like matcha, the leaves of the moringa boast have anti-inflammatory powers, and have been used in various ayurvedic medicines for centuries. Moringa is growing rapidly in popularity, thanks to its nutritional superpowers, and we think this superfood is going to be a mainstream staple soon. 

Moringa 2

Packed with nutrients, moringa is considered a good source of iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and riboflavin – woah. Though research is still in an early stage, moringa powder is being praised for its anti-inflammatory effects. The recommended daily serving size is 5-10 grams of moringa powder per day, which is equal to about 2 teaspoons and can be stirred into morning smoothies, oatmeal, ice cream, or even whisked into hot water just like matcha.

And moringa’s reach is well beyond the food world – it’s now a central ingredient to the beauty world. Consumers are equally committed to knowing what they put on their face and what they’re putting into their bodies.

Moringa oil has been called the superfood for skin and hair. Infused into various creams, lotions, masks and soaps, moringa promotes anti-aging, revitalizing and moisturizing properties that consumers are craving.

Whether you decide to enjoy moringa tea every morning or slather moringa oil onto your face, there are a number of wellness-related properties that may have you experiencing that ever-youthful glow we’re all chasing.

Have you tried moringa yet? Let us know what you think!  


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