Women’s History Month - Celebrating our Chefs: Part 1

March is Women’s History Month, a time to honor and celebrate the vital role of women in American history, and to celebrate we’re spotlighting some of our talented female chefs. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, women run only 19.7% of restaurant kitchens, even though 47% of America’s workforce identifies as female. It is critical for business like FLIK to support female chefs and create welcoming environments where everyone has the chance to thrive.

That’s why this month, we’re so excited to celebrate some of the rockstar women in our organization who are making a difference!

At FLIK, we support and empower all our associates, motivating them to be the best they can be. Be sure to check back later this month for additional spotlights! 

Meet Emily Peterson, Director of Dining Services

New York, New York

Favorite Kitchen Gadget: My coffee pot!

My Signature Dish: I have a six year old who will eat anything in a tortilla so my quesadilla and taco game is strong right now.

Emily Peterson 0352 2 2

How long have you been with FLIK Hospitality?

6 months 

What inspired you to work in the culinary field?

Both my parents are excellent home cooks and let me be unsupervised in the kitchen from an inappropriately young age. The agency I found there was addictive. I had a career as a teacher before I ran away to culinary school and my role at FLIK has allowed me to think as a chef and act as a coach. It’s the perfect position for me.

What obstacles do you think women face in the culinary field?

I am working very hard to open doors for women. As it stands, women still need to be asked to hold positions of leadership. Women haven't been socialized to show up on a scene and say: Make me your leader!

I look for the women in the field who are working, leading, and cooking in a way that matches the needs of the position. I get to be the one to tap them on the shoulder and say: “come with me, we need you to be a leader.” I take that honor and responsibility very seriously.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to aspiring female chefs?

You will have to listen harder, wait longer, and be nicer, more diligent and more patient than you want to. That's okay. How you manage that frustration is what will be seen and remembered. It is not ideal but it is better than not having space in the kitchen at all. Try not to compare your steps and growth to others: you are on your own path.

Meet Robin Reynolds, Chef Manager

Los Olivos, CA

Favorite Kitchen Gadget: My Shun knife. I couldn’t survive without it.

My Signature Dish: Shrimp Linguine with a white wine sauce. Italian food is my favorite.

Chef Robin Reynolds

How long have you been with FLIK Hospitality?

4 years

Since you started in the culinary field, what changes have you seen?

Local, sustainable and organic food is now not just a trend. It is here to stay and has become part of the food culture.

Who has influenced your cooking the most?

My husband has always been my muse.  He is a great cook and has always been my number one supporter. 

What obstacles do you think women face in the culinary field?

Women face sexism, intimidation and self-confidence in kitchens. I feel it’s not only the culinary field but every management/corporate position out there. Men are statistically paid higher wages than women and are in more leadership roles than women. I believe this is changing with the new generations.

Raising two daughters, I see the differences in them that I didn't see with myself at their age. Women's voices are being heard and people are listening.


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