Stop Food Waste

5 Questions with Scott Davis, FLIK Hospitality Group

1.   What motivated your personal interest in sustainability and food waste reduction?

I worked for whole foods in the late 80’s and  90’s the issues back then are the same today. Working in environment that’s cultural platform is based on sustainability you can’t help but make it personal.

2.   Can you share a story about a food waste hero who inspired you?

I personally participate in our town’s central recycling center and Chris (the site’s attendant is an  engaging personality) makes the visits fun my guess is people go to talk with Chris and the recycling is secondary.

3.   What change have you made personally to be more mindful?

It’s a lifestyle and my family has been working on eliminating our waste for years. The single biggest thing I am constantly reminding myself and my family of how many people in America go to bed hungry, I serve on the board for Hunger Related Events (Taste of the NFL) and we are working on the recapture of food as well as raising funds for the food banks across the country.

Stop Food Waste

4.   What will it take for America to make food waste a priority?

We need more education in the public school systems and a strong social media campaign of how debilitating waste is in this country. Its all about awareness(kids will put pressure on their parents) and adopting better practices, culturally we need to be raise issue on all our natural resources

5.   What is one small change every person can make in their daily lives to make a big difference?

Visit a shelter and see how the smallest of contributions and can make the biggest of impacts, awareness will nurture new behaviors that will become habit and cultural

*Originally appeared in Stop Food Waste Day on January 11, 2018.