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MIT Stories: Meet Zach

At FLIK, we invest in our team and love to develop strong leaders. 

Zach started his career with FLIK as a part of the culinary team in the deli. After demonstrating strong leadership qualities and an aptitude for learning, his manager approached him with an opportunity to participate in the MIT (Manager In Training) program at FLIK to help Zach grow his career even further. 

At FLIK, we are dedicated to the training and support of all associates, embodying the ethos of L.O.V.E. (Live Our Values Extraordinarily), which keeps us focused on what matters most. 

Perfect for elite college graduates ready to lay the foundation for an outstanding career, the MIT program is designed to create a robust learning opportunity for students to build the skills and knowledge needed for success as a full-time manager. Zach, like hisfellow MIT graduates, is on the fast-track to success at FLIK! 


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