Vegetable Tie Dye 2

Summer Camp Series: Arts & Crafts with Food

🚨 Stop! 🚨 Don't throw away those food scraps

If you're not into composting your food waste, who's to say you can't -- play with it. This week's FLIK Summer Camp makes a seriously (fun) case for playing with your food! 

First, join RD Liz on an adventure to tie dye shirts and dresses using common household ingredients and food scraps as a natural dye. Check out the vibrant colors she gets out of ingredients like turmeric, blueberry, purple cabbage, and lemon

If tie dye isn't your thing, we've got the perfect rainy day activity for you and your family. Break out the paint, but skip the brushes! 🎨 Chef Zach makes shows off how to use food as stencils and paintbrushes in this creative tutorial all about playing with your food! 

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