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Stock Your Kitchen like a FLIK Chef

Executive chefs are the experts in the commercial kitchen, but have you ever wondered what tools those same chefs use in their home kitchen? We were curious, so we asked.

Start here if you’re looking for the best tools to stock your home kitchen. The answers may surprise you!


Paul Nguyen Executive Chef, Texas One kitchen tool that I can’t live without is my knives. I've grown so accustomed to my knives that it’s near impossible to work with other knives. A fitting, sharp knife set is so important and acts as an extension of my hand.

Jovanny Zepeda Executive Chef, Illinois Sharp knife, cutting board, and, the most important thing: a spoon rest holder. I can't deal with cutting tomatoes with a knife that is not sharp I get frustrated to the point of just put the whole tomato in the dish!

Jeanna Pelliccia District Executive Chef, DC Metro Region The iron skillet. The iron skillet is used every day for stir fry, for searing then roasting, for baking. My grandma’s fav, and I have all her pans now!

Chef Salad Bar

Mark Payne Executive Chef, Illinois   Chinese Mandolin. It allows me to cut vegetables very thin, with accuracy and speed.

John Palacio Executive Chef, Tennessee My favorite kitchen item is the dual griddle cast iron, because I can make great breakfast items from pancakes to omelets, flip it over for dinner I can make grilled potatoes and beautiful seafood and steaks.

Amber Simmons Executive Chef, Indiana KitchenAid Mixer!

David Underwood Regional Executive Chef, New Jersey/Pennsylvania Region 8” shun edo santoku knife. It’s good for everything! Slicing, dicing, and chopping.

David Anderson Regional Executive Chef, North Carolina A good pair of tongs. They flip meat on a cooking surface, they grab things out of the oven, they fish things out of a stock, they pull bread out of a toaster, they can be used to mix food, they can be used to serve or plate food items, and best of all, they pry open a beer!

David Cunningham Executive Chef, New Jersey 9” metal tongs I like them because they are versatile for grilling and in the kitchen for sautéing. They are also great to grab thing out of cabinets that are hard to reach or even in the oven to quickly turn a roast. And they are dishwasher safe!


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