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National Nutrition Month Series: FLIK’s RDs Behind the Blog: Part 5

Today is the last day of National Nutrition Month and Women’s History Month, which brings us to the final introductions for our remaining FLIK RDs! 

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Tracy Wilczek, MS, RDN, LDN, FAND
- Boston / New England
5A  Tracy

Favorite FLIK Dish: I miss the salad bar (my home fridge is not stocked with 32 colorful, fresh, seasonal, pre-cut toppings). Also, anything salmon and FLIK’s Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Sesame Cookies.

Wellness Tip: Focus on what you do like and enjoy. Find the fruits you like, the veggies you like, the plant-based proteins you like, the exercise you like… and keep at them! Also, no technology before bed (TV, phone, etc.).

Working Woman Tip: I've found the greatest resource is to support and find support from my fierce female friends. Being each other’s behind-the-scenes team has helped me tackle tough situations and become more resilient while on-the-job. Other tips: don't apologize so much; be kind; don't assume.

If you're like Tracy and love salmon, make One Pan Honey Mustard Salmon with her: 

Courtney Gill, MA, RD, LDN
- Philadelphia, PA
5B  Courtney

First Job: Server

Favorite FLIK Dish: This is a tough one - but I think Chicken Tinga Tacos. I can make it at home, but it just isn’t the same!

Wellness Tip: Wellness includes many aspects of our lives, with nutrition being a key component. You truly are what you eat! When you choose what foods to eat: choose those that you enjoy, that makes you feel good, and are good for you. Remember, there are no “bad” foods - eat what you love in moderation while maintaining a balanced diet.

Working Woman Tip: A woman’s job is not 9 to 5, it’s 24-hours a day between partner, kids, pets, meals, chores - the list often seems endless. Take a breath, tell yourself you can do it and it’s ok if it isn’t always perfect. Remember to take time for you each day so you can keep being that amazing woman with the 10 hats you wear!

Courtney is all over our YouTube channel with her family making kid-friendly meals. Be sure to check them out:

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our FLIK RDs. We look forward to helping you stay well whether you visit FLIK’s blog, enjoy our virtual wellness events, or will soon be back in the office. Happy National Nutrition Month!

What is an RD / RDN? Registered Dietitian / Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

All members of FLIK's wellness team are RDs! This credential requires meeting specific undergraduate requirements, completing a 1,200 hour internship, passing a credentialing exam, and maintaining continuing education standards. You can trust the wellness and nutrition information you're getting from FLIK RDs is accurate and evidence-based.


At FLIK Hospitality Group we believe in great food, great service, and great people. Our wellness first approach ensures our food supports healthy and delicious choices, specially curated by our team of culinary experts and registered dietitians. At FLIK, we believe in seasonality in sourcing our ingredients and providing a customized approach to the culinary and hospitality needs of each client. Our dedication to providing quality hospitality service is unparalleled in the industry.

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