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National Nutrition Month - Meet the RDs: Part 2

Welcome back to our Wellness Wednesday feature during National Nutrition Month and Women’s History Month

Today is extra special – it’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day; even RDs have “a day”! Be sure to give your favorite RD a shout out, and don’t forget to eat your veggies!

Meet Liz Canepari, MS, RD
- New York City
2A  Liz

First Job: Art Camp counselor

Favorite FLIK Dish: I used to have a cup of soup almost every day in our cafes! I miss sampling all of the soups. There is nothing like a great cup of soup, especially when you don’t have to make a big batch at home and can have a different flavor daily! Boy, do I miss FLIK’s soup!

Try some FLIK soups at home like Spicy Black Bean Cocoa SoupMoroccan Spiced Chickpea Vegetable Soup, or Chicken, Quinoa, Vegetable Soup!  

Wellness Tip: Remove “cheat day” from your vocabulary. There is no such thing as a cheat day; all days and foods fit! Eating all foods in moderation with a focus on whole, fresh foods is key. Going “off the rails” for a meal out, enjoying a vacation, or giving your body what it’s craving is all part of developing a healthy relationship with food. One meal, or group of meals, does not have an impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

Working Woman Tip: Don’t be afraid to delegate; you don’t have to do everything yourself. Use your team wisely. Delegate tasks as needed, and see people’s strengths; give them tasks they can be successful at.

Meet Ivy Mumo, RDN, LDN
- DC Metro
2B  Ivy

First Job: Administrative Assistant

Favorite FLIK Dish: Avocado Toast Bar

Wellness Tip: Practice mindful and intuitive eating to enjoy your food and fuel your body instead of following restrictive diets.

Working Woman Tip: As women, we strive for perfection; but sometimes it’s more important to get things done right, instead of perfect.

Catch Ivy and Chef Alex making kimchi (recipe here!) 

Keira McKinney, RD
- New York/New Jersey
2C  Keira

First Job: EMT 

Favorite FLIK Dish: Flourless Chocolate Brownie Cookies (I have a sweet tooth!)

Wellness Tip: Give yourself grace. No one is perfect, and there is not one “right” way to eat, exercise, or be well. It’s okay to have days where you don’t feel up to a workout, or don’t have as many vegetables as you planned to – life happens! But don’t let feelings of failure creep in and disrupt your path to achieving your wellness goals. Give yourself grace and keep moving forward; tomorrow is a new day!

Working Woman Tip: Build up other women! Form close relationships with women in your field, and identify strong role models. Supporting and recognizing other women’s success can make a difference in our own wellbeing as well as others’.

Come back each week to meet more of the women on FLIK’s Wellness Team.

What is an RD / RDN? A Registered Dietitian / Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

All members of FLIK's wellness team are RDs! This credential requires meeting specific undergraduate requirements, completing a 1,200 hour internship, passing a credentialing exam, and maintaining continuing education standards. You can trust the wellness and nutrition information you're getting from FLIK RDs is accurate and evidence-based.


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