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How to Build the Best Spring Picnic with FLIK

Spring has sprung and it's time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and great outdoors! 

Whether you're planning a weekend outing and a family hike, or just craving to eat lunch al fresco between meetings during the workday, we've got a few tips and tricks that make packing a picnic a walk in the park. 

Salads: Potato and pasta salads are great for picnics, but can be a little on the heavy side. Opt for grain salads full of vegetables and hearty, leafy greens. Some perfect examples of salads that travel well: 

Turkey Swiss Sweet Potato Hi Res

Sandwiches:  Sandwiches are the perfect centerpiece for a picnic. It can be portioned out for each guest and doesn't require any on-site finishing touches. Try some of our bread-less sandwiches for a twist: 

Sides: Cut up fresh fruit is an excellent picnic side, but if you're craving something more, why not go for a slaw?  

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Sweet & Salty: Whether you want something sweet for dessert or just a little extra salty snack, something sweet & salty is a must-have for your picnic basket. 

Beverages: You can't have a picnic without something to hydrate you! Here are 4 Summer Sips to Get You Through a Heatwave! We're big fans of individually prepared water bottles of Iced Lemon Cucumber Matcha

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A few additional tips for building the best picnic basket: 

  • Food safety first. Use an ice pack to help keep your food from spoiling in the heat if you're going to be on-the-go for a while before diving into your picnic basket. Frozen water bottles make for great ice packs and by the time you're ready to nosh, you'll also have ice-cold water to keep hydrated! 
  • Travel light. Don't go crazy on the picnic swag! While a folding table and chairs are always handy, go old school and just bring a big blanket. More importantly, make sure your basket is durable and can handle all the goodies you've made! Our Signature Tote is the perfect vehicle for a weekend picnic -- and can be reused for your next visit to the grocery store or farmer's market.  
  • Don't forget the napkins. It's a universal truth that you'll always need extra napkins at a picnic. If you're looking for something durable and sustainable, opt for reusable napkins and kitchen towels

Not interested in building your own basket? Julie's Pantry can help! Check out The Ultimate Charcuterie Board as a perfect no fuss, grab-and-go picnic option! 


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