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Healthier Holidays with the FLIK Registered Dietitians

Everyone’s holiday season is a little different. Some may travel while others stay put. Some may cook at home while others go out. And some may find themselves going to a different holiday party every night while others find they would rather skip the festivities altogether. No matter what your experience, one thing is for sure – the routine is different. This is why no single recommendation works for everyone. Lucky for you, we have a team of dietitians sharing their unique tips on how to feel your best this holiday season. Pick and choose or try them all. Let us know how you’re staying well this season with #FoodByFLIK.

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Liz Canepari, MS, RD
To me, the holidays are centered on food (as they should be!). One thing I always suggest is to try and keep your days balanced. What I mean is, if you know you are going to indulge for dinner, focus on having a healthy breakfast and lunch, or getting in a quick workout. Also, cut yourself some slack! If you have a day or two where you go off the rails that is no reason to throw in the towel for the season.  Regroup, and get back to business! 

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Danielle Cushing, RD, LDN, CNSC
I like to remind myself: This is not the last time you will ever get to eat this food! It helps me keep my portions in check. Chances are, there will be leftovers that you can help yourself to the next day or you can make the dish again next week if it’s something that’s really worth it! I’m also a fresh air and physical activity fan, so a pre- or post- dinner walk with family or friends is a must for me. 

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Nicole Feneli, RD, CSSD
Family gatherings often lead to big meals; don’t turn every family meal into a big meal. Choose one meal a day (or every few days) to go all out and keep the rest of your meals on the lighter side. This will balance out your calorie intake and help prevent the extra holiday pounds no one wants. 

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Allison Knott, MS, RDN, CSSD
Forget the all or nothing. This time of year is meant to be enjoyable and when you pressure yourself to “stay on track” or alternatively “let loose” then you end up feeling worse than when you started. Try to look at the big picture and recognize that single meals or single foods won’t make or break your health. Your pattern of eating over time is what makes the difference. Some days you might indulge and other days you may be back to a routine. Staying mindful of how you feel helps you naturally find a balance.

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Sandra Koehler RDN, LDN
No skipping! Meals that is, as skipping can lead to overeating at holiday parties. And stick with your routine, you will be less likely to overeat or give in to cravings. Plus, something as simple as staying hydrated (no, alcohol does not count as hydration) can help you keep cravings at bay and limit additional calorie consumption. Lastly, don’t deprive yourself, just be mindful of your portions.

Go for a family walk around the neighborhood after dinner, make it a tradition. We do family bowling after the big Thanksgiving meal. Any activity counts!

Lastly, when planning out your New Year’s resolutions stick with ones that are attainable. Oftentimes we make goals that are not good lifestyle changes and something we cannot sustain forever. 

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Sonya Luisi, MS, RD, LDN 
One of my favorite things about the holidays is the parties which connects me with friends, family, and co-workers. Yet, the heavy food, sweets, and alcohol can be overwhelming! I stay healthy at holiday parties by volunteering to bring a food or beverage that is healthy. In this way I have at least one good option to enjoy and I can keep my portions in check with not-so-healthy items.

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Keira McKinney, RD
Avoid skipping meals!  Skipping breakfast or lunch to try to compensate for holiday eats can actually backfire and result in overeating later in the day. Instead of restricting, incorporate a balanced breakfast and try sticking to your normal routine before your big holiday party!

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Sydney Micucci RD, LDN
Plate up with plants! You can't derail a 'diet' with nutrient-rich, low energy foods. Nature's bounty makes it easy to fill up with powerhouse phytochemicals and fewer calories. At parties and potlucks, focus on color and fill your plate first with raw or roasted vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits.  Seek out plant-based proteins like beans and seeds. Nosh on whole grain options like wild rice or quinoa. Just top it off with heartier fare: meats, cheeses, breads, and sweets. Need a sugar fix? Try fruit-based desserts or dark chocolate... the fewer ingredients the better. When you munch on plants, you feel less stuffed and sluggish. Eat green this holiday season.       

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Ivy Mumo, RDN, LDN
Use a smaller plate when serving food from a buffet. This will help you serve less controlling your portions.

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Jenell Pluskota RDN, CSSD
To offset over-indulgence during the holidays, fill up on 8-16 oz of pure water before attending any holiday function or gathering. Filling up on pure water can help you decrease the amount of calories you can otherwise be tempted to take in by making you feel fuller longer

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Tracy Wilczek, MS, RDN, LDN
Majority Rules: the habits you engage in regularly (oatmeal for breakfast, veggies at every meal, daily walks) overrule those activities you partake in every-so-often (over indulge in the cheese platter, enjoy that extra alcoholic beverage); so cut yourself a break and start tomorrow with a healthy breakfast!

Party Tip: bring a dish that fits in with your needs/goals (crudité + hummus platter, fruit-forward dessert, etc.)

Party Tip: if you’re the host, have to-go containers ready to send your guests home with most (if not all) of the leftovers, so that you’re not faced with all the excess to get rid of in the coming days.


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