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Food Trends for 2018

With Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, everything matcha, the boom of the Instant Pot, and viral pop-culture moments like The Museum of Ice Cream, the year 2017 will go down in history as one of the most important years in grocery, food and hospitality.

With the year coming to a close, we’re looking forward to what 2018 has to bring. Here are a few industry predictions for the year to come in food, wellness and hospitality:


  • Air Fry vs. Deep Fry. According to Pinterest’s top 100 trends to try in the new year, it looks like we’ll be using hot air to create crisp, “fried” snacks instead of deep-frying foods in vegetable or canola oil. Air fried foods are a healthier alternative to deep-frying, shaving off fat and calories from traditionally “naughty” foods without sacrificing taste or texture.
  • Street-food inspired dishes. Say hello to jian bings, dumplings, tempura, kabobs, and pupusas. According to the National Restaurant Association, the best of food trucks, carts, kiosks and pop-ups are going to dominate the food scene in 2018.
  • Vegetables over carbs. Expect to see more spiralized vegetables and cauliflower rice as a substitute for traditional carbs like bread, pasta, and rice. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s a great kid-friendly way to increase vegetables in a non-traditional way. 


  • Experiences over everything. Millennials value experiences over material goods, including but not limited to hospitality. According to a recent Hipmuk survey, 55% of millennials say they extend business trips for additional leisure time. In today’s social-first environment, value is based on shareability.
  • High-tech environment. Today’s customers are increasingly comfortable with digital menus and online-ordering. Expect an increase in technology services including robot room service, more digital keys, and AI-powered personalization. Alexa, Google Home, Sonos and other assistants are ushering in a new way to buy our foods.
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  • Bring on the superfoods. In your smoothies, in your coffee, mixed with spices, topped on salads, get ready to see more protein-packed, nutrient dense foods like turmeric, chia, flax, moringa and more in various recipes.
  • Focus on sustainability. Reducing food waste will be front and center in 2018. As a way to help control food costs and protect the environment, more and more restaurants will be openly talking about their sustainability efforts, locally sourced foods, and environmentally responsible and ethical business practices.
  • Self-care is no longer self-indulgence. In 2018, “me-time” won’t be a luxury, but a necessity. Expect to see an increase in promoting self-care from journaling and meditation to innovations in sleep.

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