Flik Goodbye2

A Message from FLIK

For a company based on breaking bread together and creating casual collisions among friends, we have suddenly been forced to adapt to isolation and social distancing. The current state of the world is uncertain, unsettling, and constantly shifting. 

But despite these new realities, we are far from alone.

Living through a momentous event like this only further unifies our shared experiences and brings communities together. In this global pandemic, everyone has been affected – families, businesses, communities. 

No one is immune to the impact of this virus.

Our shared experience unites us. It reminds us that we are human. Our team is made up of mothers and fathers adapting to having their children at home, of children worried for their aging parents, of individuals suddenly forced to work in close quarters with roommates and significant others, of individuals who find themselves in complete isolation, and more.   

At FLIK Hospitality Group, our commitment to you is unwavering. 

We promise to continue supporting local farmers and businesses, reducing food waste, and supporting community food pantries and shelters. We remain a company built upon great food, great service and great people.

Over the coming weeks and months, our business – like so many others – will be greatly affected by this crisis. We will likely look different when this is over, but we know we will be a stronger company – and a stronger industry – on the other side of this pandemic.

Stay safe.