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A Complete Guide to Living Sustainably during a Disposable Pandemic

To protect workers and consumers, many states reversed their eco-friendly measures in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic reverting back to single-use plastics in the name of sanitation. At restaurants, plastic utensils have replaced silverware. Plastic bags are back in grocery stores. Coffeehouses have suspended the use of reusable and personal cups. The list goes on…

As we continue to navigate life in the age of COVID, here are a few tips for living sustainably during a disposable pandemic:

Say Yes to Takeout, Say No to Utensils: Support your local restaurants through curbside takeout or delivery, but ask for no utensils. If you’re planning on eating at home, just use the silverware you already have in your drawer!

Be Energy Efficient at Home: We’re all at home a lot more than ever before so implement energy-saving practices at home, like switching to LED lightbulbs, washing your clothes in cold water, and running appliances at night. If you’re a home cook, stop peeking in the oven! Every time you open the oven, you drop the temperature, forcing your oven to use more energy to bring the temperature back up once you close the door again.

Stop Food Waste: Over 1.3 billion tons of food is thrown away or wasted in the supply chain globally each year. Check the pantry and refrigerator as you meal prep for the week. Use the items you already have in the refrigerator instead and take them into consideration before you go grocery shopping. 

Start a Home Compost: It sounds complicated, but it’s just another form of recycling! Food scraps like fruits & vegetable peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, and certain tea bags can all be used in your compost pile. Read more here to get your home compost started.

Utilize School-Provided Lunches: While school lunch service might look a little different this year, prepackaged meals provided by the school are a wonderful, delicious and nutritious option instead of packing lunch for your kiddos every day.

Use Your Freezer: Take advantage of your freezer, especially during the summer harvest. Store fruits, vegetables, and herbs now to use all winter for hearty soups, chilis, and sauces.

Check Out Non-Plastic Disposables: If your school requires disposable lunches only, consider non-plastic options. Brands like lunchskins offer recyclable paper sandwich bags with adorable prints to boot! 


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