30 Meals in 30 Days

We’re back on the social distancing grind and after the last two weeks, we need to remember that quarantine cooking isn’t all about carbs (yes, pasta – we still love you) and sourdough starters.  

With the next 30 days (and maybe more) of social isolation on the horizon, we’ve put together 30 delicious, nutritious meals you can easily make at home. And trust us – there’s something for everyone. We’ve got creative breakfast ideas, lunches (that aren’t sandwiches), jazzed up salads, hearty dinners, and delicious desserts all at your fingertips.

And don’t forget – these aren’t the only recipes we’ve got! From one-pan dishes to veggie-based hors d’oevres, check the Recipes section of the FLIK Blog for more culinary inspiration! Be sure to read our Food Safety post too for information on storing, defrosting and prepping foods the proper way.

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Day 1: Kickstarting our challenge with a vegetarian dish filled with some favorite winter vegetables, like beets and ginger. This Asian Tofu Salad with Golden Beets, Ginger, and Turmeric Vinaigrette is flavorful and filling. Plus, you can use frozen edamame to make this dish even easier.

Day 2: Take your traditional stir-fry up a notch with Malaysian Stir-Fried Turmeric Chicken.

Day 3: Get the kiddos involved in some baking and try this Chocolate Angel Food Cake.

Day 4: While you’ve got the turmeric out, try Pan Seared Cauliflower with Ginger, Turmeric and Orange. Add Apricot BBQ Glazed Shrimp if you want a little extra protein.


Day 5: Go meatless today and try these Quinoa Cheddar Sliders.

Day 6: Craving carbs and comfort, but don’t want to overindulge? Chicken, Spinach, and Sun-Dried Tomato Cauliflower Risotto is here to save the day.

Day 7: A little bit of unsweetened cocoa powder can transform breakfast. Try Cocoa Banana Overnight Oats this week.

Day 8: Soup’s on! This Chicken Quinoa Vegetable Soup is heartwarming and perfect for rainy spring days.

Day 9: Quick, healthy, perfect for leftovers – this Spinach Quinoa Salad with Yogurt Honey Dijon Dressing has everything.

Day 10: Sometimes you need something sweet. Say ‘hello’ to these decedent, fudgy Flourless Chocolate Brownie Cookies.

Day 11: Stop buying pre-made granola and make your own at home! Quinoa, Oat, Sunflower Seed and Dried Fruit Granola is great as a snack or breakfast!  


Day 12: Honestly, these Green Pea, Chickpea, Cauliflower “Meatballs” are just a vehicle for the chipotle yogurt dip.

Day 13: This is going to be your new favorite “Taco Tuesday” recipe. Wait, what day is it? Chicken Stuffed Poblano Pepper “Tacos”

Day 14: Let’s get herb-y! These Falafel Burgers with Poblano Relish hit the spot and remind us summer is on it’s way! A side of Fattoush Salad and Hummus completes this meal.

Day 15: Change up breakfast with something savory. Kale, Caramelized Onion, Goat Cheese Breakfast Barley will have you rethinking the meaning of breakfast.

Day 16: Anyone else love the heat and tang of buffalo wings? Buffalo Blue Cheese Stuffed Avocados are here the perfect bite-sized lunch.  

Day 17: If you’ve got a little (too much) time on your hands, give these Matcha Macarons with Raspberry Cream Cheese Filling a try.   

Day 18: Got picky eaters at home? Here’s a twist on classic chicken parm – Parmesan Chicken, Balsamic Tomatoes.


Day 19: Life is better with dessert. Here’s a Chocolate Olive Oil Cake that makes for a sweet treat.

Day 20: This Spicy BBQ Chicken Breast is made with homemade barbecue sauce, which allows you to keep the flavor high and the sugar low.

Day 21: Upgrade your Caesar salad with Chicken and Freekeh. This is a great opportunity to use any leftover BBQ Chicken from Day 20.

Day 22: Opt for a low-carb combo like this Butternut Squash Spaghetti with Cauliflower Cream Sauce to shave off about 150 calories!

Day 23: Summer is coming! Get ready to grill with these Salmon Burgers & Wasabi Mayo.   

Day 24: If you promise to be a little adventurous, we promise you’ll love this Chocolate Chia Avocado Pudding.  

Day 25: Breakfast is for morning, noon, and night! This Sweet Potato, Kale, Garam Masala Hash is topped with a fried egg and frankly – it’s perfect. 


Day 26: We’re almost at the end of our 30-day staycation, wait, we mean social distancing. You can do it! Fuel your way through the homestretch with this Quinoa, Strawberry, Avocado Salad.

Day 27: Tired of sandwiches for lunch? Try this Turkey Rachel Sweet Potato Sandwich to change things up.

Day 28: Crisp, crunch and a little spicy – this Southwest Salad with BBQ Tofu is calling our name!

Day 29: Say goodbye to frozen fish sticks and try this Cornmeal, Paprika Crusted Catfish.

Day 30: With promises of brunch and avocado toast on the horizon, enjoy this Mixed Berry Chia Jam, Ricotta Toast recipe at home. 



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