Roasted Pumpkin

3 Ways to Use Pumpkin

Tis the season of pumpkin (and pumpkin spice lattes). Pumpkins are great décor elements to celebrate the season, but they can be used for more than just Halloween decorations.

Reduce your pumpkin waste and get more bang for your buck by turning your pumpkins into great food. Packed with healthy nutrients, pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C.


Skip the canned pumpkin that has been on the shelf for who knows how long and make your own pumpkin puree. Cut up your decorative pumpkins, roast or boil them, remove the skin and place in a food processor. Use smaller sized “pie” pumpkins - also known as sugar pumpkins - for a richer puree. Homemade puree is great for baking pies, breads, and cookies. Portion your puree into small sized containers or freezer bags to last all winter.

Soups & Stews

Cooler weather signals it is acceptable to start making soups again! Pumpkin puree (same as above) makes a great base for vegan, vegetarian or meat based soups. Thin it out with a little chicken or vegetable stock for a lighter soup or use cream for a more hearty soup. Diced pumpkin is also a great alternative to potatoes in stews or chilis. It adds great texture and flavor and provides extra nutrients.


Dice your pumpkin, toss it in honey or just olive oil and roast until golden brown. Roasted pumpkin is a great addition to a green or grain salad. This is a great use for left over mini pumpkins and gourds too. Try this Mexican Quinoa Salad, Pumpkin Seeds, Cilantro. And don’t forget the seeds! Toasted pumpkin seeds provide fiber, heart healthy fat and a great crunch to any salad. They are also a great snack for holiday car trips.

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds 5

Still looking for creative recipes to use pumpkin in? Build Your Own Veg Wedge! Think twice before ditching your pumpkins. Give them a second life as a great addition to your fall menu. 


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