What the FLIK is…halloumi?

If you’ve spent any time scrolling through Instagram recently, then you may have seen a block of cheese positioned perfectly in the middle of a photogenic salad artfully placed next to a few beautiful flowers and green, leafy plants, and maybe some crystals while basking in the sunlight. 

Wait…sorry, we went off on a tangent there. 

What we want to be talking about is that block of cheese because that is what has our attention (we are all about the food here!). It’s called halloumi and we’re breaking down What the FLIK… it is! 

Hailing from Cyprus, halloumi is also known as Cypriot cheese because of its island origins. It’s a firm, rubbery cheese made from a mix of cow, sheep, and goat milk and is often prepared by grilling or frying it; perfectly warming it before it melts all over the place thanks to the incredibly high smoking point.

Similar looking to a block of feta cheese, halloumi is a plain salty cheese with more unique qualities than its distant cousin. This soft curd-like cheese free of rennet, which makes it safe for vegetarians to enjoy too, and has similar properties to a marshmallow. I know, I know – hang with us here. Eaten plain, it’s really nothing special, but when grilled or fried, this cheese takes on a pleasantly crisp and savory exterior with a soft melty interior. It’s great served in a caprese salad, relacing mozzarella, or alongside watermelon in a more traditional Cyprus-style dish.

In 2018, The Guardian reported on a global halloumi shortage due to an increased demand. Halloumi has become so popular that Australia even hosted a festival dedicated to the cheese. All of this has led the European Union to take steps to ensure halloumi production is sustainable which is good news for those who want to give this cheese a try.

What about the nutrition? According to the USDA nutrient database, one ounce of halloumi has 90 calories, 8g fat, 4.5g sat fat, 6g protein, and 620mg sodium. Halloumi also contains 200mg of calcium in 1 ounce which is approximately 16% of total needs for the average, healthy adult. More on calcium here.

The next time you see halloumi on the menu, we say give it a try and tell us what you think! 


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