What the FLIK is...boba?

Chances are you’ve heard of “Boba Tea” before. Or perhaps you’ve heard of it’s many names: pearl milk tea, boba tea, bubble milk tea, tapioca pearl tea, or simply bubble tea. The drink originated in China and grew incredibly popular in Southeast Asia during the 90s and early 00s, eventually migrating to North America where now you can find this drink in the grab-and-go section of your grocery store or at specialty coffee & teashops.

But what the FLIK really is bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink is contains a tea base, flavors of milk, sugar and delightful looking toppings known as “pearls” or boba. These pearls are often made from a chewy tapioca, fruit jelly, agar jelly, or pudding; they’re generally flavorless and look like bubbles at the bottom of your tea.

How do I order it?

When ordering this tea, start with a plan.

First, the base. This is usually a type of tea (green tea, black tea, fruity tea, matcha tea), but can also be made of a fruit-beverage, coffee, or even smoothie. Then add syrups or flavoring – think peach, lychee, strawberry, banana, mango, etc. Milk can also be an interesting add in, making the tea a little creamier in flavor, and just a note: the milk is often sweetened with honey or brown sugar.

Next, the toppings. Of course, you must include the classic boba, but don’t bypass other unique flavors like aloe vera, taro balls, red bean, or whipped cream. 


Incredibly popular among the school-aged students we serve. We love when boba tea makes a surprise appearance on our menus! 


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