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What is Black joy?

Since 1976, the month of February has been recognized in the United States as Black History Month to observe and celebrate the contributions of Black Americans throughout our collective history.

Last year, amidst the ongoing global pandemic and long-overdue reckoning with racial inequalities in America, we challenged ourselves to reimagine how we celebrate and observe this important moment in time focusing on a celebration of Black humanity and showcasing Black wellness traditions through storytelling with food and family. This year, we are continuing to highlight Black humanity by celebrating Black joy through the voices of our own associates.

Black joy, at its core, is an expression of freedom. Mei-Ling Malone, professor in the African-American Studies department at California State University Fullerton, says, “Black joy is a beautiful thing but what would be even more beautiful is if all of us band together in solidarity to destroy and dismantle our system of white supremacy so that all joy is just human joy and Black folks can live freely in the world and strive.” 

But what does that really mean in practice? We asked our associates. Hear their stories: 

Black joy is an activist movement that has been defined as a way for Black people to choose and find joy, while not erasing the difficulties of the Black experience. It is seen, heard, and felt in many forms – from the foods that nourish us to the music that inspires us. It is found in opportunities to create generational wealth, experiencing equity in access mental health & wellness, and centered around the value of family and food.

As you observe and celebrate the contributions Black Americans have had on our history, ask yourself: What does Black joy mean to you?

A special thank you to: Michael Bates, Ashley Brewley, Abigail Holas, Samuel Ingram, Kim Lee, Ellen Mendy, Morris Peterson, Crystal Donald-Perry, and Norman Warner III for sharing their voices. We hear you.  


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