Meet Trudy, one of our Diversity Leaders

Tell me about yourself.

My primary role for FILK is Food Service Director at a prestigious law firm in New York City. We have a small team of 13, frontline and managers included. I have worked with FLIK since 2010. I began my career with FLIK as an admin to the GM at another location. I worked in several departments at that operation – admin, catering admin, café manager.

So, what exactly is ‘DIAC’ and why is this important to FLIK?  

DIAC is the Diversity Inclusion Action Council. Its purpose is to promote an inclusive environment that appreciates the differences of each employee. The council carries out its purpose by partnering with senior leaders within Compass Group and FLIK Hospitality and outside companies that function in the D&I space.

Within the DIAC we have a four-pillar structure; food, community stories, and ownership. The DIAC focuses on our food philosophy and expanding that message to include a wholistic approach to representation. We are engaged with community outreach, we know that giving back, even in the smallest ways has a collective great impact. We engage with our frontline associates and managers to share their stories. We believe that when we learn more about each other we can appreciate and celebrate our diversity and move towards inclusion. Our ownership of these messages and initiatives is aimed to be measurable and can be replicated in all the markets we serve.

Why is Diversity & Inclusion so important to you? Why did you join this committee? What is your ‘DIAC’ story?

I joined the DIAC because I believe that representation matters. I also believe that representation would not occur organically; it would need some tough conversations, and lead to incredible strides for FLIK as an organization. I joined the DIAC in May 2019 and screamed at the top of my lungs in joy when I was asked to co-chair the council in November.

Over the course of my nearly ten-year career with FLIK I have formed many mentoring relationships, both as a mentor and a mentee. Some formal, others on a check in when you can basis. Those relationships have helped me to grow as a person and in my career. A large part of my commitment to the DIAC is to be a visible representation of the power of partnerships and open exchange. I believe the DIAC will facilitate many of these conversations and relationships as we tell each other’s stories and learn more about each other.

Are there certain people/leaders/celebrities/influencers, etc. that inspire your commitment to diversity & inclusion? How have they influenced your commitment to diversity & inclusion at work?

I have often thought that I would love to own my words and thoughts the way James Baldwin did. I found his ability to express himself striking. There are many thought leaders who inspire me – Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Ralph Ellison are authors who shaped my young mind.

I often tell my friends that my father was my biggest cheerleader. He was always there encouraging me to aim for the highest goals. He has been my biggest inspiration to approach the D&I space gusto. In my work as a food service director, many of my team ask me about my career path and inquire about how they can achieve similar outcomes.

As I mentioned before, representation matters. This is my driving passion in the D&I space. To create space for our future leaders and current talent to explore their careers within the Flik organization.

How do you hope DIAC will affect the FLIK community? Can you provide a few examples of how employees might see DIAC in action?

I hope the DIAC will affect the FLIK community on many levels. I hope that through the work of the DIAC members each employee of FLIK will see a path for themselves to a greater goal if they choose one. Employees will see DIAC in action at training fairs, re-launching Consuelo’s Café – a way to tell our stories through our foods, through focused learning – remote ESL (English as a Second Langague) training, community outreach opportunities

If someone is interested in getting involved in DIAC, how can they go about that?

The DIAC is launching our Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador program in 2020. This program will allow those who are interested in partnering with the DIAC to lead in their operation or region with the guidance of the DIAC. We have much more to come in 2020 and beyond! 


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