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How to Have a More Sustainable 2019

New year, new ways to help our planet be a little bit greener this year.

 While many of us have already committed to our 2019 resolutions, it doesn’t hurt to tack on one more, or start fresh if you’ve already fallen off the wagon.

 We care about the environment a whole lot – and we know you do too. And if you find yourself asking, “How can I be less wasteful?” here are a few tips for living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle in 2019:

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Stop putting your food scraps in the trash bin.

Get down and dirty – start composting! It sounds complicated and tedious, but really composting is essentially a form of recycling, but instead of sending our food waste to a recycling center, we reap the benefits at home. Food scraps like fruit & vegetable peels, coffee grounds & filters, certain tea bags, and eggshells can all be included into your compost pile, benefiting your home garden and reducing our footprint at waste centers. Need a few tips on how to get started? Read this quick blog on: Dos and Don’ts of Composting!

 Take advantage of your freezer.

Each of us tosses nearly 300 lbs. of food each year. Yikes

By taking advantage of the freezer to store leftovers, fruits, vegetables, herbs and more, you’ll reduce the amount you toss in the garbage at the end of each day. Winter is the perfect time to stock up on hearty soups, chilis, and sauces. Be sure to check out the recipe section of our blog for inspiration!

 Opt for reusable over disposable.

Instead of using plastic wrap or cling wrap, opt for beeswax-based wrap that can be used to wrap items like cheese, fruit and bread. This reusable wrap is generally made with bee’s wax, jojoba oil, tree resin, and organic cotton. It can be simply washed with soap and water, and when you’re done with it (it tends to wear out after a year or so) you can compost it too!

 Say ‘goodbye’ to plastic bags too.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to give up plastic produce bags. Pack cloth, reusable bags for your produce at the grocery store and bring your reusable tote bags to the store!

Many cities, states and countries have banned single-use plastic bags or have implemented a plastic bag tax to help reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce. In the United States, California and Hawaii have full blown plastic bag bans, and other states like Maine, New York, Rhode Island, and Delaware have implemented specific recycling programs to reduce plastic waste.


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