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FLIK Family Fridays: Recipes Every College Freshman Can Make

College food services have come a long way in recent years, but as the fall semester starts in-person for many students it is always nice to have a few solid dorm-friendly meals under your belt. 

With a microwave and a mini-fridge, you can be armed to make culinary creations that rival a home cooked meal that will give you a little taste of home. 

Breakfast - Easy Breakfast Burritos

Starting the day with a solid breakfast will help with focus and energy for class. Eggs can easily and safely be cooked in a microwave and provide a protein packed start to the day. 

What You Need: A ceramic mug or bowl (no microwaving plastic - it melts!), cooking spray, eggs, veggies & cheese, whole grain wrap 

Spray your cup or bowl with cooking spray and then pour in 1-2 whole eggs beaten or a ½ cup of liquid eggs (the kind that come pre-cracked in the carton). Microwave the egg cups for about a minute until the eggs are cooked through. Veggies and cheese can be added for more flavor. Put cooked eggs in a whole grain wrap for a filling breakfast burrito.


While microwave noodles are great in a pinch the world of microwavable carbs has gotten much healthier. You can easily spend $10-12 dollars at a quick serve restaurant getting a grain bowl, but for a few dollars you can make one in the dorm.

What You Need: Microwavable grains (there are great brown rice and quinoa options in single servings), canned beans, pre-cut lettuce or other greens, sliced deli meat, bottled salad dressing 

Heat up the grains in the microwave, put on a plate and top with the other ingredients. Grain bowls are filling and provide a complete balanced meal. Have storage bags or containers for extra ingredients.

Dip Small


A lack of snacks in a college dorm room is rarely a problem. However healthy snacks can be few and far between. Yogurt it is a versatile food that can be used for more than breakfast. Plain Greek yogurt is a rich source or protein and calcium that is low in sugar and fat (if reduced fat versions are purchased). Greek yogurt makes an excellent base for dips that typically start with sour cream or mayonnaise. 

  • Mix buffalo sauce into Greek yogurt for a healthy buffalo dip. 
  • Stir onion soup mix into Greek yogurt for a liter onion dip. 

Baby carrots or celery sticks may an excellent alternative to chips with these dips.

Preparing food in the dorm can be healthy and safe with the right ingredients and equipment. A quick trip to the store and your kid will be the talk of the dorm for the healthy delicious food they make. 


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