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FLIK Family Friday: Dealing with “I’m bored”

2020 has truly thrown the idea of organized routines and productivity for a loop. And without the traditional structure of schools or summer camp available to parents, families everywhere are struggling to find creative ways to keep kids entertained (and, actually get work done themselves).

One tip to keep boredom at bay is to get your kids excited and involved in creating their own daily routine. Developing a personalized routine may give your child a sense of autonomy and ownership over daily activities, and if you’re able to blend your own work schedule and chores into your kids’ routine, the whole household can be that much more productive – and less stressed.

To help provide some structure around developing these kid-forward routines, try to encourage a daily routine that hits these areas of focus:

  • Get Physical: Whether it’s a living room dance party, shooting hoops outside, going for a morning walk, or afternoon scooter/bike ride moving your body throughout the day is important to leading a happy, healthy life. If the weather is nice, sit outside and answer those e-mails while your kids play on the swing set, or take that conference call on-the-go while you go for a family walk around the block.  
  • Encourage Empathy & Emotion: Be sure to tap into human emotions and encourage your kids to express their big feelings. If they’re old enough to write, encourage letter writing notes to friends and family. If your kids aren’t old enough to write just yet, try drawing a picture that mom or dad can send on their behalf.
  • Express Creativity: Tap into your kids’ creative side. Allow your kids to come up with an art project like tie-dyeing t-shirts, or encourage some driveway drawing with sidewalk chalk. If art isn’t up their alley, have them choreograph a dance and record a music video, play dress up, or write a play.
  • Take Responsibility: Find a few age-appropriate household chores that your kids can help out with. Water the plants, make their bed, pick up their toys, feed the dog, load the dishwasher, vacuum, make their own snacks. Don’t insist on perfection, just encourage participation, and it will feel a little less like a…chore. Giving your kids responsibilities is a great way to encourage making a contribution to the house, just like mom and dad.
  • Stimulate the Brain: Reading is one of the best ways to improve the mind. Encourage some screen-less, quiet time by reading one chapter in a book, working on a crossword puzzle, or journaling each day.
  • Don’t Forget the Human Connection: Especially during a pandemic that encourages social distancing, finding ways to incorporate in-person human connection can be complicated. Try to unplug and connect as a family over a group activity, like cooking, together. These Mozzarella Veggie Frittatas are super kid-friendly, or try these 3-ingredient Chocolate Chip Banana Oatmeal Cookies. 

Remember: kids aren’t as keen to keep a strict routine, so make sure you provide lots of choices to encourage participation -- and hopefully avoid hearing "I'm bored" on loop all day long. 


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