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Eat the [Local] Rainbow

When it comes to eating well sometimes the simplest rules are the best to follow.

Throughout our cafes this month you’ll see our Local Plate By FLIK specials. These dishes highlight and celebrate all things local – farms, cuisines, and more. Even better, you might notice a plant-forward Local Plate by FLIK that truly allows you to taste what summer’s bounty has to offer.

At FLIK, our food philosophy is centered around the principles of leveraging locally, sustainably sourced ingredients. The summer harvest allows us to truly capitalize on this deliciousness – and you can implement this philosophy at home too. 

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Eating seasonally is cost effective.

When you buy fruits & vegetables that are in their peak season, you actually end up saving money. It comes down to simple supply and demand: when you buy seasonally, you buy products that are currently grown in abundance and are in the peak of their supply. It is also likely that when you eat seasonally you’re buying from local growers, which means there are no added costs for transportation or treatments needed to keep the food from spoiling.

Eating seasonally helps to support the local economy.

When you buy seasonally, you’re buying from local farmers. By investing your money in local growers, you are supporting your own community and helping to boost your local economy. So head to the local farmer’s market and get shopping! 


Eating seasonally is more sustainable and better for the environment.

It’s simple math: more transportation = more greenhouse gas emissions = bad news for the environment. By enjoying the bounty of the local harvest, you reduce shipping needs from other countries, therefore reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases.  

Looking for sustainable recipes that help take advantage of the summer bounty? Try one of these delicious FLIK recipes this week:

Eating seasonally means you are eating fresher, more nutrient dense food.

In order to grow food that must be shipped a great distance, farmers often rely on different chemicals and pesticides to ensure that the food doesn’t spoil in-transit. Seasonally grown foods don’t rely on these chemicals to stay fresh; they are often harvested at peak ripeness and freshness right when they’re sold to you. Enjoying fruits and veggies picked at peak harvest often mean you’ll be enjoying more nutrient dense foods – a win, win, win!  

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The summer harvest is upon us and now is the best time to enjoy your local farmer’s bounty of fruits and vegetables. Be sure to follow all our local procurement and dishes on Instagram. Share your pictures with us using the hashtag #LocalByFLIK and be sure to tag us too! 


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At FLIK Hospitality Group we believe in great food, great service, and great people. Our wellness first approach ensures our food supports healthy and delicious choices, specially curated by our team of culinary experts and registered dietitians. At FLIK, we believe in seasonality in sourcing our ingredients and providing a customized approach to the culinary and hospitality needs of each client. Our dedication to providing quality hospitality service is unparalleled in the industry.

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