Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Meet Ricardo Ruiz, Chef Manager

Telling stories is one of the most powerful means of connection and communication between people and ideas. These stories are a way to convey the values that unite and celebrate the differences we respect. As a way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at FLIK, we're sharing the stories of our Hispanic and Latin associates. 

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Meet Ricardo Ruiz, Chef Manager

Years with FLIK Hospitality Group/Compass Group: 5

Tell us a little about yourself.

[I was born] in New York and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. My passion and love for food comes from my father and Abuela. Since the age of 15 I realized I wanted to be a chef. The industry has pulled me in many directions, but I am proud and honored to say that Miami is my current grounds. Working for FISD in Miami has been a perfect opportunity for me to showcase my Latin roots and teach kids about diverse flavors and dishes from our Latin heritage.

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When we think of Puerto Rico, we first think of beautiful beaches amazing people and tropical drinks and food. When I hear the name Puerto Rico I think about family and my roots. Smelling Abuelita's sofrito being made and my dad’s mofongo being mashed. Generations and generations of great food and recipes have been handed down from not just in my family but all around the world. Let’s keep those amazing dishes and memories alive, this is why I’m proud of being Latino and celebration my family my culture Hispanic Heritage Month.
- Ricardo Ruiz, Chef Manager, FLIK Hospitality Group

What does being Hispanic mean to you?

Being Hispanic to me means many things. From being fierce and bold to being humble but courageous. Many Latinos struggle to come to this country for a better life; a good group of them end up working in restaurant kitchens. 

Thru the years I have met many and worked alongside some of the best Latin chefs. Being able to learn and see how many different forms of cooking and amazing talent there is in our Hispanic culture is so encouraging. That is what makes me proud of being Latino and being able to leave my mark as a Hispanic Chef.

If there’s one thing you wish other people knew about your culture, what would it be?

One thing that I have learned about my culture that I would love for all to know is that everything we cook and do if it is not done with that special ingredient  -- “Love” -- then it was not done right. Sometimes we cook just to get it done, but when we cook with love it makes a major difference. This was something my grandmother always taught me and to play a little music while cooking, this will always bring the best of our foods. So far, it has not failed me yet.

How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

I celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month always making my Abuela's Flan de Coco and Mofongo with Salsa Vicenta Sauce. Bringing the family together to feast, drink, and dance.

What is your favorite Hispanic dish and why?

My favorite Hispanic dish is Patitas de Cerdo con Garbanzo, Pig Feet w/ Garbanzo and arroz blanco (white rice). 

As a part of our Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, we asked our associates to submit their favorite songs and artists from their culture that they feel everyone should add to their personal playlist. 

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