All About ABV Cocktails

The end of the holiday season often leaves us feeling like we need a mental and physical reset. 

For many, this reset may include reevaluating the frequency and quantity of alcoholic beverages we have been consuming. This, combine with the growing popularity of “Dry January" has steadily increased over the last 5 years and created an entire adult beverage category of low proof cocktails. If you're interested in incorporating a longer term reduction in alcohol in your life, low ABV beverages might be the solution for you.

Here's what you need to know: 

What is ABV?

Alcohol by volume (ABV) is the percentage of a beverage that is pure alcohol. ABV can tell us how strong a drink is. Beer for example typically ranges from 3.5-7% with some craft brews being as high as 10%. Wine is around 12% and liquor ranges from 40-50%. Low ABV options contain between .05 and 1.2%. An ABV less than .5 is considered non-alcoholic by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Why Choose Low ABV?

Low ABV beverages allow the drinker to enjoy the social aspects of alcohol consumption while lowering the health risks associated with alcohol. Alcohol gets metabolized as carbohydrates and is a sneaky way to pack on the pounds. These low ABV beverages are typically lower in calories. They are also typically are lower in calories; For context, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram; just watch what you mix them with.

Alcohol can be a part of a healthy lifestyle, when consumed responsibly.

Serve Cocktails

Some Low ABV Options To Consider: 


Options in the non-alcoholic spirits market are growing steadily. SEEDLIP® is one of the original and most popular. It comes in 3 flavors and can be added to a mock tail or sipped on its own. Wilderton is a made in the USA brand of non-alcoholic spirit that offers two varieties to create a wide range of beverages. If you are not looking for a total alcohol free cocktail use these spirits to cut your standard cocktail recipe.


Creating alcohol free beer has that tastes like beer is a challenging endeavor. The fermentation process needs to be stopped at the precise time to allow flavor to develop but before alcohol is formed. The increase in popularity has encouraged brewers to spend more time perfecting this balance. Do you remember when O’doul’s was the only alcohol free beer on the market? Now you can find alcohol free counterparts to everything from Stouts to IPAs.


Similar to beer, alcohol free wine goes through a unique process to differentiate the taste from grape juice. High quality alcohol free wine is actually produced the same as traditional wine but then has the alcohol removed. Dealcoholized then has the flavor rebalanced to give it the rich taste drinkers except. There are also lower ABV wine options available however they do still have significant amounts of alcohol; in the 6-10% range.

Whether you are planning a sober week or month or want to reduce your alcohol consumption permanently there are endless possibilities that let you enjoy the taste and social aspects of drinking with the health benefits of not drinking.  


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