5 Tips for Creating a Remarkable Reception

As the first person to meet a customer or client upon visiting your company, the reception team has an incredibly difficult task to making a memorable and quality first impression. With everyone face-down on their iPhones and their headphones blaring the latest podcast, your reception team only has one chance to get it right.

At Rapport, a multi-award winning provider of Reception Services within FLIK Hospitality Group, we are committed to the training and development for receptionists and front of house professionals, arming them with the necessary tools to make a remarkable, lasting impression on behalf of your business.


This International Receptionists’ Day, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for getting your reception service right: 

  • Innovation is key. Your concierge services constantly need to be at the forefront of new technologies, new ideas, and new services to keep things fresh, exciting and relevant to enhance the guest experience. Complacency is your enemy in the world of hospitality and reception services.
  • Training is necessary for growth. A customized training plan will ensure that your reception team are truly ambassadors of your company. Specialist training programs ensure that the reception team has the tools they truly need to shine.
  • Personalization in everything.  Go above and beyond in your personalization for each guest. Use your guests’ name and make polite conversation where appropriate. Welcome back regular guests; it’s nice to be remembered. Always have a smile in your voice on the telephone.
  • Leave a lasting impression. Escort your guests and take them to the elevator or next point of entry; don’t just point. Be proactive in your guests’ potential needs – offer a glass of water or cup of coffee if the might have to wait in the lobby. Upon leaving, offer to get them a taxi or provide directions for their onward journey if required.
  • Celebrate your team. First launched in 1991 in the US to celebrate the role of professional receptionists, Receptionists’ Day is a day to promote pride and professionalism among receptionists and the critical role they play within every organization. Recognize their hard work and celebrate your team for the amazing job they do! 

Celebrating International Receptionists’ Day is just one way the Rapport team celebrates those who provide exceptional service and make the reception and hospitality experience unique for each guest.


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