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We Are Wellness

At FLIK, we love what we do. And what we do is nourish the bodies, minds, and souls of the people we serve. Excellent, from scratch, nutritious food can do all of that, which is why wellness is important to our company. 

Flik Dietitian Hydration

FLIK Food Philosophy

We believe that high quality ingredients are at the core of delicious dishes and this belief drives our food standards.

  • We’ve got milk free of any artificial hormones.
  • Our produce is sourced locally during the harvest months to support the local family farm and you’ll find limited fruits and vegetables in our freezers.
  • No artificial trans fats in anything we do.
  • Our eggs come from humanely-raised cage free hens.
  • Our ground beef is lean, all natural, and antibiotic and hormone free.
  • No routine use of antibiotics or growth hormones in our poultry.
  • We use real, fresh seafood and avoid species identified as threatened or endangered.
  • We rehydrate our beans from dry and keep limited cans in our kitchens.
Flik Dietitian Chef

Your Wellness Team

High quality ingredients and delicious food go a long way, but it doesn’t quite go far enough if we don’t share what we know. FLIK brings wellness to the forefront with a team of 10 registered dietitians and one recipe testing chef. Traditionally, each one of us is dedicated to a region or enterprise, ensuring that our menus incorporate healthful foods and nutritional information. Now we’d like to take that one step further to connect with and educate not only our dedicated teams, but all of our clients, guests, and the public too. 

Dietitian Wellness Table 4

Your FLIK dietitians are on the ground. We’re working and traveling, cooking at home and eating out. Our schedules our tight and sometimes our budgets are tighter. We have friends at every level of service from catering to utility workers, servers and line cooks, chefs and CEOs. Together, we have a diverse collection of knowledge, experiences, and passions and we think this might be the perfect collection of talents to reach a wide array of readers.  

We’re here to empower you to make meal choices – in the office, while traveling, and at home – that that will energize and revitalize. We want to teach you that delicious, handcrafted meals can also be well-balanced and health-promoting. We want to teach you that good food can nourish bodies, minds, and souls. We’re here to talk about wellness.

Written by Danielle Cushing, RDN, LDN, CNSC.

For questions or more information, please reach us at flikblog@compass-usa.com.