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How to “Marie Kondo” the FL*K Out of Your Kitchen

It feels like everyone is “tidying up” these days, thanks to the influence of professional organizer, author, and Netflix star: Marie Kondo.

Kondo has seemingly been taking over the world one closet at a time with her organizing method, known as KonMari. Basically, the idea is to declutter your closet and home by removing all the objects that don’t “spark joy” for the owner.

And now the decluttering craze is about to take hold of your kitchen – and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Here are a few KonMari inspired tips: 

Keep your counters clear.

Counter space is a precious commodity in any kitchen, and if you live in an apartment with a teeny-tiny kitchen – counter space becomes critical. Keep bulky items (that you don’t use every day) off the counter. Prioritize your space, invest in the equipment you need, and discard things that are in your way.

And remember – the old adage out of sight, out of mind, applies perfectly to your kitchen. Studies show, if you can see food, you’re more likely to eat it; consider keeping a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter as a healthy snack option and a beautiful display.

Maximize for cleanup, not set up.

Professional kitchens are designed to so chefs can easily clean as they cook, instead of creating a massive pile of dirty dishes in the sink.

Think about the layout of your kitchen with the sink at the center of your attention. Place less used items like food processors, blenders, or standing mixers, in a cabinet further away from the sink, and assure that everyday items like plates and mugs can be easily washed and put away within a quick reach of the sink/dishwasher.

Take inventory of your supplies and say “goodbye” to what you don’t use.

Nostalgia is not your friend. If you haven’t used it in over a year, it’s time to say goodbye. Yes, even to your great-grandmother’s bundt pan.

When it comes to dishes and cups, remember studies have shown that we eat less off smaller plates and drink more out of larger glasses. Consider tossing – or donating – your oversized plates and opt for smaller dishes that are great for everyday use. In the era of Instagram, consider which plates make your dishes look most appealing and presentable.

Enjoy the purge.

Emptiness is your friend.

Kondo recommends keeping your refrigerator 30% empty at all times. This will help you see what’s actually in your refrigerator, plus give you room for leftovers.

And remember, a clean kitchen often helps with clean eating. Keep your refrigerator clean and stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables; you’ll be less likely to go on a 25-cookie bender when you’re looking for a midnight snack.

Embrace multi-level storage.

With the right storage – think clear, stackable bins – and you can fit twice as much in your cabinets.

Use small bins to help organize “floating” items like spices and seasoning packets that tend to be tossed around in the back of the cabinet or drawer.

Take it to the next level by labeling your bins in categories to easily see what’s inside each storage bin. You’ll be able to see what’s inside and when you’re running low on various grocery items.

Stack vertically (when possible).

Kondo insists that everything in your home should be stacked vertically instead of horizontally. Even your groceries.

Kondo suggests even storing carrots upright in a drink pitcher to keep her vertical storage strong. When you pile groceries on top of each other, the items at the bottom get crushed and will lose their shelf life even faster. By storing items – even vegetables – vertically, you’ll be able to reduce food waste and have easier access to the items you need. 


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