Global Menu Mix: 11 creative quesadillas combinations

By Tara Fitzpatrick 

According to Datassential, 92% of Americans are familiar with quesadillas, making it one of the highest rated menu items in terms of awareness. So now’s the perfect time to throw some curveball ingredients into that cheesy tortilla.

  • Rise and shine: Liberty University Chef Sarah Falls creates quesadillas for all dayparts, including breakfast. This sunshine-on-a-plate breakfast item includes bacon, guac, fresh cilantro, red onion jam, Gouda and cheddar melted into a flour tortilla in a stone-fired oven.
  • Sweet heat: And for dessert at Liberty University, this Incredible Oreo quesadilla features cheesecake bites, chocolate syrup, Oreos and a feisty raspberry habanero syrup in a flour tortilla.
  • Quesadilla cone: From American Dining Creations, this mashup combines a cheesy quesadilla with a charred kebob and makes it all portable—and super fun, too.
  • Bowl-ed over: At the University of Michigan, quesadillas get in on the bowl trend with these quesadilla bowls filled with good-for-you ingredients such as fresh veggies, organic proteins, and a touch of fiery spice. 
  • 7 layers of delicious: Developed for K-12 dining, this 7 layer Queso-rito is part of Lunchtime Solution’s ‘Rito-In-Cog-NEAT-O line of funky fusion burritos.
  • Flip the script: This inside-out quesadilla from the California Milk Advisory Board takes the melty cheese and puts it on the outside of the tortilla.
  • Meal in a ’dilla: Flik Hospitality Group’s quesadillas feature pulled chicken, pepper, onion and cheese at the Tacqueria concept.
  • Guac ’n roll: Another Flik concept, Global Guac, highlights the always-great combo of guacamole with quesadillas. This one is a Mediterranean guac, topped with pomegranate seeds and a molasses glaze.
  • Cachapas are cool: Described as what would happen if quesadillas and arepas had a baby, this Flik menu item is a Venezuelan crumpet made from maize flour and stuffed with cheese and adobo chicken.
  • Taste of the Middle East: This “Naan-adilla” is one of the menu items from fast-casual concept Halal Shack, which operates on SUNY Albany’s campus and other college locations.
  • Shishitos on the side: Charred shishito peppers, always ready to add that certain spicy something to the plate, accompany this spicy chicken quesadilla by US Foods.


This post originally appeared in Food Management on August 26, 2019. 


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