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8 Catering Trends to Say "I Do" To

Say goodbye to weddings of overcooked, dry chicken, mystery meat, and flavorless white sheet cakes. Thanks to the rise in foodie culture and social media, the emphasis on artfully presented catering featuring locally sourced, quality and fresh ingredients is the new standard.

At FLIK Hospitality, we work with numerous hotels and conference centers who take weddings and high profile events to a new level. This wedding season, we’ve put together a few of the top catering trends we’re seeing across the industry. 

Bride Groom Darden

1. Personalized Touch to the Menu

Like the recent Royal Wedding between British Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markel, menus should be reflective of the couples themselves. Feature personalized elements throughout the menu that include the couples’ favorite foods and cuisines as a unique touch to the special day. Prince Harry and Meghan have done this perfectly by serving a lemon elderflower cake, reminiscent of Harry’s childhood, made by an American pastry chef who is based in London, Claire Ptak.

2. Herb-Infused Beverages

Whether serving an elderflower-cucumber martini or a non-alcoholic mint-pineapple agua fresca, there’s nothing more delightful than a fresh beverage station to greet your guests with. Pair fresh herbs like mint, basil or rosemary with fresh fruit to give beverages a unique depth of flavor, and add beautiful light coloring to your drinks. 

Royal Wedding Cocktails

3. All About Veggies

University of Virginia’s Inn at Darden in Charlottesville, VA, offers seasonal, vegetable-forward menu items to serve as the star of your wedding menu. As organic, sustainable ingredients become more prevalent, sourced produce on your wedding menu will serve as a bright, beautiful note to your event.

4Focus on Wellness

Today’s consumer is incredibly well-versed in health and wellness, and that mentality doesn’t disappear on your wedding day. Instead of serving pasta in heavy cream-based sauces, opt for dishes with fresher ingredients that celebrate seasonality. Getting married in the summer? Take advantage of fresh, seasonal fruits like berries; feature them in salads, on your dessert table, in your cocktails, and in sauces and marinades.


5. Dramatic Desserts

Dessert stations are a huge trend right now – whether DIY ice cream sundae bars or doughnut wall displays, don’t skip out on the grand finale of your wedding day menu. At Earle Brown Heritage Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, desserts don’t lack decadence thanks to bite-sized treats like mini dark chocolate berry tarts and assorted cheesecake bites. Guests will love the opportunity to sample a little bit of everything. 

6Fake the Cake

If cake isn’t really your dessert of choice, but you’d like to use that brand new knife and server set, but be afraid to fake the cake! Serve a faux cake. Layered crepe cakes are all the rage for a lighter option, or try a unique, yet elegant ice cream cake for your big day. Having a day wedding? Brunch-favorite Waffle Cakes are equally delicious as traditional wedding cakes.


7. Celebrate Global Flavors

Do the blessed couple have a tradition to nosh on Indian cuisine every Friday? Honor their tradition by serving chicken tikka masala. At the AT&T Hotel & Conference Center in Austin, Texas, the FLIK Hospitality catering team knows how to infuse authentic flavors into passed hors d'oeuvres, miniature stations, or main courses. Vietnamese banh mi, Indian samosas, late-night tacos – you name it, they can do it. 

Chicken Tika

8Elevated Classics

Cocktail hour sets the tone for the rest of the evening and offers an opportunity to get creative with the menu choices. The more relaxed, mingling atmosphere is perfect for passed bites, so why not add a little flair to your hors d'oeuvres.

Instead of serving mini beef tacos, elevate them with poached lobster and crème fraiche. If you want tuna tartare, think about creative vehicles to serve on like a mini wonton cone. Even grilled cheese can find its way to your wedding with shooters of tomato soup served alongside. Forget the Swedish meatballs – take a twist and go veggie forward with menu items like Green Pea, Chickpea and Cauliflower meatballs. There are tons of classic ways to add personality to classic bites. Get creative! 

Grilled Cheese Shooter

On the laundry list of wedding planning activities, choosing (and tasting!) your food should be a fun and memorable experience. Be sure to incorporate a personal touch – whether it’s global infusions or dessert innovations – to your wedding day that speak to you as a couple!


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